Flea Market Fun

The weather in Washington has been crazy awesome the last few days. I’m finally out of the I-hate-rain-and-51-degrees coma that plagued me for weeks. I even have a racerback tan line from Friday’s 20 miler and I love it!

Today I ran a few errands. And by errands, I mean I went to my favorite store, Flea Market Chicks. I also went to the grocery store, but that isn’t very exciting.

photo 3I was on the hunt for photography props because I have my first photo shoot tomorrow! (I also have one on Saturday) I got exactly what I was looking for, but I am going to wait to show you. I also found an old map of the United States (for $2 what?!?!) that I want to frame and hang over the couch.

In exercise world, I took a 60 minute spinning class at the Y tonight. I am going to start working with the instructor to lead a few songs. That way, I can get some teaching under my belt and start teaching my own classes soon.

I’m getting really excited about my upcoming marathon! 17 days to go!!!
running friends