Sunday I took my mom and grandmother to the famous Pike Place Market. It was such a nice day, but the market was crazy busy. I guess summer is going to be pretty busy here. DSC_2648_edited-1



Seattle Pictures

I’m busy sightseeing with my parents, but I thought I would share some pictures I took from Seattle over the past two days. Today was absolutely beautiful – sunny and a warm 50 degrees. The water was sparkling blue and the Olympic Mountains were 100% visible.

The Gum Wall in Post Alley
1-DSC_0116 1-DSC_0120 1-DSC_0122Pike Place Market:

1-DSC_0133 1-DSC_01561-DSC_0131

First Starbucks:
1-DSC_0142 1-DSC_0141 1-DSC_0138 1-DSC_0273

Pike Place Fish Market: 1-DSC_0163 1-DSC_0168 1-DSC_0170Olympic Mountains and Mt. Rainier:1-DSC_0203 1-DSC_0257 1-DSC_0197